Realistic Training


Our no nonsense approach to Self Defense, is the real deal. The program is people who are serious about learning now to protect themselves. This is also an excellent program for police officers, security and prison guards and military personnel. You will learn how to defend yourself, from a wide variety of potential situations: defense against a grab, a punch, a weapon, on the ground, verbal threats and many more.



Rarely does anyone, ever have to protect themselves, but worrying about, happens all the time. Our Ultimate Self Defense Classes will you teach you: the A, B, C's of Safety and how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. This will help you know, what to do and what not to do, to stay safe at all times. For example: you will learn how to deal with and or avoid, a confrontation or bully.



Our self defense classes will teach you the Philippine Martial Art of Kali. You will learn how to use your open hands, a Kali stick, a training knife or improvised weapons to protect yourself and your loved ones. We will teach you how to adapt quickly to different self defense situations and use what is available, to be safe

Heavy Bag/Focus Mitts/Body Shield Training 

Our self defense classes, will teach you, how to use your hands, elbows, knees and feet as weapons, to protect yourself. You will be taught how to develop a lot of power in your strikes and how that can be used, if needed. Striking the bags, mitts and shields is also a great way to get into great shape, improve confidence and improve your self esteem.


Fitness is a big part of our Ultimate Self Defense Program. The goal is to get into great shape and learn how to protect yourself, all at the same time. Our total body workout will improve your flexibility, tone your muscles and help you lose weight. Your fitness workout will include: stretching, cardio, interval and strength training and pad striking.