The 5 top benefits of Ultimate Self Defense Classes

The Number One benefit to our program, is the World Class Instruction by Kyoshi Patrick Murphy, 7th Degerberg International Black Belt. He is an expert in Martial Arts and Self Defense. He designed this program, to improve your life, in a positive way, by learning how to protect yourself. The top 5 benefits of our program are: World Class Instruction, Confidence, Consistent Exercise, Fun and Stress Relief.

World Class Instruction

Kyoshi Patrick Murphy, is pictured here with his Martial Arts instructor, Grand Master Fred Degerberg. He has spent the majority of life life learning, practicing and teaching the Martial Arts. He has learned from the top Martial Arts instructors, from all over the world and has over 25 years of full time teaching experience. He is a 7th Degree, Degerberg International Black belt.


You will learn quickly and effectively, how to protect yourself. As your level of skill and fitness improve, your self esteem and confidence will increase. You will get into great shape, lose weight, have lots of fun and learn how to protect yourself, all at the same time. You will learn to believe in yourself and your abilities and that will transfer into all areas of your life!

Consistent Exercise

Our classes will provide you with consistent exercise, on a regular basis. You will get a great workout each and every class, which will include: meditation, stretching, Pilates, cardio, interval and strength training and pad striking. You will get into great shape, lose weight and have lots of fun, all at the same time! Consistent training will get consistent results.

Fun Activity

Our classes are safe, fun and friendly. You will look forward to each and every class. We try to make our classes, one of the highlights of your day. You will be inspired to do your best and have fun, while you are doing it. The main rule at Sun Prairie Martial Arts and Fitness, is that everyone has to be nice, polite and respectful. This makes for a fun and happy training atmosphere.

Stress Relief

We all have stress and worry, that we have to deal with, on a daily basis. Our classes will provide you with a great workout, self defense training and pad striking, to help you release your stress, in positive way. Using your hands, elbows, feet and knees, to strike the bags, pads and shields, is a great way to take out your frustrations, after a tough and stressful day.